Mobile Marketing Platform for the Retail and Events industries.

We make it easy for your customers to see your message, in the right place at the right time.

Beepsquare provides an easy to use online Content Management System (CMS) so you can have complete control of your mobile content. Together with this, Beepsquare provides multiple engagement methods to make it easy for your audience to view the content you create!

Engagement methods include:

  • iBeacons (Bluetooth 4.0 Smart Beacon technology)
  • QR Codes
  • NFC Tag stickers
  • Short mobile friendly URLs




Beepsquare iBeacon DevicesiBeacon 2x AAA Batteries

Our beacons are especially designed for Retail and Events usage. Why?

  1. They run on 2x AAA batteries – that’s over 4x the power of a single ‘coin style’ battery! This means they can run on higher power for longer increasing audience reach and reducing battery replacement (expected battery life 3 years+).
  2. On / Off switch – your campaigns and events are time driven – so are our beacons! This gives you flexibility and immediate control over your mobile campaigns (no hiding beacons in metal cake tins when not in use!)
  3. Inconspicuous – our hardware is designed not to be bright and colourful meaning your beacons don’t attract unwanted attention.
  4. Proximity Zones – There are 3 zones which can supply different content to your customers. This means your content can be specifically targeted on a micro location basis.

Already bought your own beacons but still want to use our CMS? That’s no problem, our CMS system can support third party devices as long as they are compliment with Apple’s iBeacon standards and you have the ability to program them with the IDs supplied by us.


iBeacon NotificationsiBeacon Notifications

Our beacons can trigger notifications to be displayed to your customers even if your app is not running in the background or the phone is in sleep mode.

However, we also know this isn’t always desirable as customers may get irritated by constant alerts and possibly uninstall your app. This is why we created the unique ability for our devices to be ‘Alert’ or ‘Passive’ beacons.

Passive beacons only alert users if the app is open and waiting to receive content. This is controlled online, instantly via our CMS so no physical change is required to the device.

These means you can control the delivery of useful targeted content to customers without overloading them with constant alerts.

Note. These notification alerts are only available on iOS but will also be available with the forthcoming update to Android’s operating system – ‘Android L’.



Beepsquare iBeacon iOS & Android SDKiBeacon SDK

Making your existing app iBeacon enabled takes less than 5 minutes with the Beepsquare SDK – we’ve timed it!

When you take out an iBeacon subscription, you will be supplied with our Software Development Kit (SDK). This includes documentation and the code files required to drop into your existing app to make it iBeacon aware. Your app will then be iBeacon ready and will display your mobile content when in the proximity of any iBeacon linked to your account.

This means the development effort required is significantly reduced and you can quickly benefit from the customer interactivity features which beacon technology can bring.

Currently available for iOS and Android, Windows Phone coming soon.




White Label Apps

If you don’t already have an app, we can provide an inexpensive iOS white label app which can be customised to your brand.

To use iBeacon technology your customers must have an app installed. This can be your existing app or an app provided by us which can be customised to your brand. We currently have apps for Exhibition / Conference events.

Whether you use your own app or our white label app, the iBeacon content can be updated in real time via our mobile CMS platform.

Choosing to use a Beepsquare white label app means you don’t have to invest in the time and expense of developing a new app to take advantage of our iBeacon technology.





Mobile Engagement Methods

We understand that everyone adopts technology at different rates, so we provide multiple mobile engagement methods to maximise your conversions.

As well as iBeacon, we also provide the following engagement methods to access the same content:

  • QR Codes via our CMS QR Code generator
  • NFC Stickers (NFC Tags)
  • Short mobile friendly URLs

We don’t believe in limiting content to those users who are more savvy with new technology than others. This is why we offer a variety of ways in which your customers can access your content. This increases engagement, usage, awareness and interactivity between you and your customers.




Drag and Drop Content Management System (CMS)Mobile CMS Drag and Drop

We provide an easy way for non technical people to create great looking mobile sites.

Create one or more mobile sites and use them in conjunction with any of our engagement methods. Simply drag and drop features onto the mobile phone previewer then make it your own by changing customisable elements such as:

  • Templates
  • Colours
  • Logo
  • Your own URL

No duplication of content updates is required across multiple systems, just update once using our easy online editor and your updated content will be displayed immediately to your customers via any of the engagements methods you’ve chosen to use.


Built in CMS features

We provide many engaging mobile features which are available within our drag and drop content management system.

Mix and match features to create a unique experience for your customers. Options include:

  • Images
  • Video
  • Social media widgets
  • Contact Form
  • Geo navigation
  • Click to call

Setting up features is usually as easy as entering a title, description and a property (for example your facebook page URL). This means you can focus on your message to your customers without being distracted by the background technology.

To try out all CMS features take a free 2 week test drive.


Already have a mobile site? No problem!

We know many organisations already have their promotional content hosted on existing mobile sites.

If you would rather display mobile content already hosted on your own system you can simply enter the URL into our CMS and your audience will see your mobile page rather than a mobile page created with Beepsquare’s CMS.

This means no duplicating promotional content on multiple systems, saving you time. The best part is – you still retain the ability to make use of all our engagement methods, including iBeacon, plus all visitor traffic will still be captured and displayed under our analytics dashboard!


Multiple Tracking URLs

Any good marketer, especially within the retail and events industries, knows that performance monitoring is key to optimising existing and future campaigns.

The Beepsquare CMS system can generate multiple tracking URLs for each mobile site. As far as the customer is concerned, this happens transparently as the user experience remains unaffected. The tracking URLs can be viewed under our Analytics dashboard.

This means you can review real time performance feedback by easily segregating traffic via various different marketing channels.




Bespoke App and Mobile Site Functionality

The mobile features provided to your customers is only limited by your imagination.

If you have unique requirements which aren’t available from our standard feature set, we can create bespoke features for you. On request, we will be able to turn your unique requirements into solutions and make them available to you via our platform.

If you are not an existing customer, please use our contact form to submit any bespoke functionality enquiries.




Analytics DashboardAnalytics

Our specially developed Analytics dashboard is designed to provide you with visual insights into your campaign performance.

It provides you with real-time information based on:

  • Traffic levels over a given period
  • Mobile devices used by your audience
  • Campaigns
  • Mobile site/s usage
  • Tracking URLs / Marketing Channels

Having a visual insight into your mobile marketing data gives you the necessary information required to optimise both offline or online mobile marketing activities.




White Label CMS for ResellersWhite Label CMS

Present your own branded CMS experience to your clients.

If you are a digital marketing or app development agency who is in a position to resell our system to multiple clients, we provide a white labelled version of our CMS system which can be customised to your agency’s brand. By becoming a Beepsquare partner, not only will you be able to enhance your image as a technology provider to your clients, you will be able to take advantage of the following benefits:

  • Allow client login to make their own content updates
  • Use your own domain / sub domain name to access the system
  • Receive 15% discount off standard subscriptions
  • Receive 15% discount off iBeacon hardware
  • Receive 15% discount off white label apps
  • Single point of contact account manager

For more information call us on +44 (0) 845 4748845 or send an enquiry via our contact form.